Tactical Military ATC Solutions

The Mobile Visual Control Room (MVCR) or Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower is an integral part of any Joint Armed Forces Aerospace Surveillance and Battle Space Management System. The requirement of an operational airbase is essential to all operations in-theatre very early in any conflict and therefore the equipment used must reflect the requirements of urgency and the possible lack of lifting equipment or specialised vehicles for deployment.

Tactical Military ATC Solutions

Tactical Military ATC Solutions - at camp bastion  Tactical Military ATC Solutions  Tactical Military ATC Solutions - Rapid Deployable ATC Towers

The MVCR must be able to sustain operations in both the short and long terms so must have a minimum life expectation of 20 years.

Our trailer mounted elevating mobile ATC towers were initially designed for Air Force use.
Using design criteria from Air Force customers we have designed a solution to meet Key User Requirements (KURs)

  • Rapid deployment – 3-4 men in under an hour and raises to working position in under 3 minutes
  • Simplicity – we have only 4 bolts in our deployment minimising FOD
  • Transportability – our system is C-130, C-17 , C-5 and IL-76 capable and the only system that has been live trialled by Chinook
  • Ease of access and evacuation by LED lit stairs and without the need for a mechanical platform which in the case of power failure could lead to problems
  • Self contained lifting system – everything required for operational deployment is contained within the system
  • Automatic levelling for safe and quick deployment
  • Capability to operate at different heights
  • Hydraulic locking at all operational heights
  • Full training and re-training packages
  • 24 hour support
  • Post design upgrades

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