Mobile ATC Systems Ltd provide fully integrated systems including military and commercial communications, voice switching and recording, meteorological reporting, navigation aids/GPS, interfaces for AGL, ILS and radar.  All systems meet ICAO/FAA/CAA recommendations.

Four tower models are available:

Mobile - Elevating - Trailer Mounted Systems - Vilnius TowerMobile, Elevating,
Trailer Mounted System

Well proven trailer mounted Mobile ATC Tower elevating to an operator height of 7m.


Up to 4 operator positions.

Delivered 'plug and play' fully integrated, or unequipped ready for customers to install their own equipment.

Transportable by C-130, C-17 and heavy lift helicopter.


All Terrain 6x6 Truck Mounted Elevating System

All Terrain 6x6 Truck Mounted Elevating System - ZetrosNEW six wheel drive, high clearance All Terrain ATC Tower for quick deployment and use in difficult driving conditions whilst maintaning high speed on good roads enabling quick delivery and recovery.

Elevates to an operator height of 7.5m and is fully independent with built-in generator.

Up to 4 operators positions.

Transportable by C-17, C-5 and IL -76TD.

Compact ATC Cabin
Runway Caravan

Compact ATC Cabin/Runway CaravanCompact Visual Control Room for 2 operators.

Can be truck mounted or towed by a 4 wheel drive vehicle for use at smaller strips, Helipads or as a Runway Caravan.

Transportable by C-130 and larger transport aircraft and car ferries.


Container Mounted ATC Cabin

Container Mounted ATC CabinWhere mobility is not crucial the cabin (same as the trailer and truck mounted system) can be mounted on to a container or other suitable platform.

Transportable by road, rail, air and sea.