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Deployment of Modular Tower at World Defence Show

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MATC is extremely proud to be able to share that one of our Modular ATC Towers, shown here with its protective transport covers still on, has successfully been deployed to support the World Defence Show (WDS) at the Royal Saudi Falcon Club.  The tower was deployed to support the Air Show and Flying Displays after a rapid development of the airfield as the site for the first WDS.  Equipped with a full communication suite from Jotron including a 3 position VCS, 3 Channels each of Main and Standby VHF and UHF Radios, a Dual Redundant Voice Recorder, and Dual GPS Timer Servers.  Other equipment supplied included ADS-B, ICOM FM Management Radio, 6kVA UPS, Meteorology System, and a Crash Telephone system. 

container based module tower