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Compact Trailer for Mediterranean Country

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The Compact Tow Bar Trailer that MATC mentioned in previous news was completed as a demonstrator in November but following negotiations, we can now confirm that it has been sold and is in transit to sunnier climates to support temporary operations at a new airport.

The tower was equipped with a two-position VCS, four channels of transceivers, a 16-channel voice recorder, a GPS Timeserver, a crash telephone system with a remote communications panel and sounders, and a tripod-mounted compact meteorology system providing basic ICAO compliant weather information to a console-mounted display.

Shown below in its elevated position during filming of a deployment video the compact tower provides a very cost-effective way to provide a temporary ATC solution whilst the development or upgrade of a permanent solution is carried out.

We are very pleased to be able to add it to our range of products as a solution for those customers that do not require full-sized units.