Mobile ATC Towers

Mobile ATC Systems Ltd

Trailer Mounted Elevating ATC VCRs available on various sized platforms.

The MATC Trailer based solutions are designed to provide rapidly deployable, air-transportable ATC VCR solutions of various sizes.

Modular ATC VCRs available with equipment rooms and/or welfare facilities.

The MATC Modular towers are easily transportable self-contained modules configured off-site that provide elevated VCRs with equipment rooms, welfare, and office facilities for temporary fits or smaller airports.

Vehicle Based elevating and non-elevating ATC VCRs and Runway Caravans.

The MATC Vehicle based solutions offer 6×6 elevating VCRs, 4×4 tactical VCRs, and Runway caravans that all provide enhanced mobility for customer requirement.

Mobile and Modular Air Traffic Control Towers Overview

Deployment Speed

Mobile ATC towers can be used to establish safe air traffic control for smaller airports, military deployments, airport Visual Control Room (VCR) refurbishments, disaster relief or special events worldwide. All solutions are designed for simple, rapid deployment by the minimum number of personnel and can be supplied with ATC equipment to suit the customer requirement.

C130 Transportation

Cabin sizes are based on 2 standard dimensions – 20 Foot and 10 Foot ISO Container. This allows air
transportation of all trailer types in C130 aircraft or larger.

Trailer Types

The MATC Trailer mounted elevating VCRs provide a range of tow system types to suit local customer vehicle preferences including 5th Wheel or Tow Bar solutions.

Construction Types

The customer is given the option to mount the standard VCR (10 or 20 Foot) on containers or a purpose-built frame. Height is in accordance with customer specifications.

Bespoke Options

Customers can specify internal or external access, and supporting containers can be populated with
generators, equipment rooms, welfare facilities and offices. MATC provides a flexible design service.

Environmentally Controlled

All MATC VCRs are air conditioned, double glazed with sloped tinted glass and blinds thus providing a temperature controlled, sound isolated working environment for the ATC Operators.

6x6 Mounted Elevating VCRs

Based on a purpose built MAN 6×6 HGV Off Road vehicle the 6×6 provides the ultimate off-road capability for self-contained, elevating Mobile ATC Tower.

4x4 Mounted VCR

Based on the rigged IVECO 4×4 Daily Chassis this design provides a highly tactical self-contained VCR that can be deployed in minutes. The VCR windows drop hydraulically for air transport purposes.

Runway Caravans

Designed to provide end of runway observation capabilities the MATC runway caravans can be based on the standard IVECO Daily or built as a trailer to allow positioning by any suitable tow bar equipped vehicle.


MATC are a responsive, flexible contractor. They enabled us to support the demands of our end user customer through program reviews, training, and product acceptance events.  At all stages we were kept informed on progress with regular project updates provided for the duration of the contract. MATC displayed excellent programme and risk management procedures throughout which kept this complex project on track.

The motive for purchasing the Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower was to provide all airports in Lithuania with a quick deployment back up ATC capability within SWIM enabled features by using common fibre links that have been installed at all Lithuanian international airports. Mobile ATC Systems were flexible so we (Oro Navigacija) were able to use in house facilities to integrate the MATC Cabin to meet our needs; this has worked very well for us.

Mobile ATC Systems Ltd helped us to carry out a complex shipment requirement from the manufacturer with a professional approach and good communications. Everything was done in a timely manner and there were no issues with the services we received. We would be happy to engage with Mobile ATC for future service needs.

MATC delivered three ORCs to UNICEF for outreach primary healthcare in Eritrea. Colin Chapman delivered end user training in Asmara to the Health Ministry and UNICEF personnel. Geoffrey Acaye, Chief of Child Survival and Development said “Thank you too for being so supportive in this phase of the project. We will certainly reach out to you for any further support whenever required. I am confident that this initial phase will stimulate the interest of the Government and donors to expand further”.


Airport Suppliers

Airport Suppliers

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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What type of tower do I need?

This depends on the concept of operations. If regular short-term deployment is required, then the trailers or vehicles are best suited. If C130 air transport is required, this will steer the user towards a trailer-based solution. Rapid deployment over rough terrain suits the all-wheel-drive vehicles, whilst long to medium term installation is more suited to a modular tower solution.

How long do they take to deploy?

The larger trailers and vehicles can be deployed in under 2 hours by a small team of 2 people although assistance with the lifting the stairs into position is required due to manual handling regulations in place in most countries. Deployment materials are stored on the vehicles and all systems are designed to be as simple as possible to mount and no special tools are required.

How much do they cost?

This depends very much on the type of tower selected and the extent of the ATC Systems selected. MATC works hard to keep manufacturing cost low and will offer advice on what solutions are available to meet customer needs. MATC is available to supply a customer-specific preference for manufacturer or equipment type but is also happy to discuss alternatives to suit a budget.