Mobile ATC Towers

6x6 Mobile Medical Units

The MATC 6×6 Mobile Medical Units are designed to be robust enough to travel across most terrains and large enough to provide flexible hospital grade treatment areas for patients suffering from a wide range of serious health issues. The units are based on standard commercial all-wheel drive vehicles and can be equipped for major surgical practice with options for Operating Theatres, X-Ray and Ultrasound units, Outpatient Treatment, and Wards. The vehicles can be a standard compact frame or designed with hydraulically expanding “Pods” for increased room whilst retaining standard vehicle dimensions in transit.

Off Road Capability

The MMUs are based on the rugged TGS33 MAN high clearance, rugged off road 6×6 all-wheel drive truck which provides excellent ground clearance and are equipped specifically for exceptional off- road performance whilst remaining a very capable road vehicle.

Clinical Areas

The clinical areas are designed with medical grade wipe down surfaces to support easy sterilisation. Various grades of clinical capability can be offered depending upon customer preference and the design of each vehicle can be specified to suit purpose and local regulatory requirements.


MAN has an extensive worldwide network of manufacturer approved servicing companies. MATC also supplies an optional 2-year spares kit including filters, brakes and lights to support in house servicing to ensure that the MMUs stay on the road as much as possible.

Off Road Capability Overview


The latest MAN TG33 6×6 chassis selected for the MMU provides a true all-terrain capability and is supplied with an off-road gear box with high ground clearance planetary axles, front and rear axle differential locks, off-road tyres, and other dedicated off-road features.

Ground Clearance

For a vehicle of this type the MMU has exceptional ground clearance and can traverse the roughest of terrain if driven correctly. Engine and chassis protection shields are standard, and a spare tyre is under the rear of the chassis.

Off Road Performance

The MAN chassis selected for the MMU is in use by multiple military organisations and even with the completed medical unit fully populated the units can go off-road safely and comfortably.

Medical Equipment

In addition to general practice medical equipment, a wide range of specialist equipment can be specified such as X-Ray and Ultrasound units, Operating Theatre lighting and beds. Customer furnished equipment can also be fitted.

Clinic Type

MMUs can be designed as general practice or as specialist units including Operating Theatres, X-Ray and Ultrasound units, Outpatient Treatment, and Wards. Toilets and showers can be included or supplied as separate welfare units.

Medical Laboratories

In conjunction with specific and specialist customer guidance and collaboration the MMUs can also be equipped with medical testing equipment and purposed as medical laboratories.


Each MMU has external mains input but are equipped with a large onboard Diesel Generator in an acoustically isolated locker to supply power for all on board equipment. These can run multiple MMUs if deployed as a hospital and each vehicle has a UPS for critical equipment.

Medical Gas

Depending on the MMU type medical gas storage and distribution can be provided.


MATC are a responsive, flexible contractor. They enabled us to support the demands of our end user customer through program reviews, training, and product acceptance events.  At all stages we were kept informed on progress with regular project updates provided for the duration of the contract. MATC displayed excellent programme and risk management procedures throughout which kept this complex project on track.

The motive for purchasing the Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower was to provide all airports in Lithuania with a quick deployment back up ATC capability within SWIM enabled features by using common fibre links that have been installed at all Lithuanian international airports. Mobile ATC Systems were flexible so we (Oro Navigacija) were able to use in house facilities to integrate the MATC Cabin to meet our needs; this has worked very well for us.

Mobile ATC Systems Ltd helped us to carry out a complex shipment requirement from the manufacturer with a professional approach and good communications. Everything was done in a timely manner and there were no issues with the services we received. We would be happy to engage with Mobile ATC for future service needs.

MATC delivered three ORCs to UNICEF for outreach primary healthcare in Eritrea. Colin Chapman delivered end user training in Asmara to the Health Ministry and UNICEF personnel. Geoffrey Acaye, Chief of Child Survival and Development said “Thank you too for being so supportive in this phase of the project. We will certainly reach out to you for any further support whenever required. I am confident that this initial phase will stimulate the interest of the Government and donors to expand further”.


Airport Suppliers

Airport Suppliers

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

East Midlands Chamber of commerce

East Midlands Chamber of commerce


How big are they?

The MMU is based on a MAN TG33 6×6 Chassis which will require a specialist driver. The vehicles vary in size depending upon application but are typically 10.5 m long and around 4 m high.

How good are they off road?

Designed specifically for off-road work the MAN TGS33 provides a high clearance chassis coupled with a 6×6 all-wheel drive train, an off-road gearbox, off-road tyres and a range of dedicated off-road features to assure this unit can get where it needs to be.

How much Treatment Room is Provided?

The MATC MMUs can be supplied with hydraulically operated expansion pods that provide enough room to support a full operating theatre, X-Ray facility or several general practice spaces. They are also able to support an 8-bed ward with welfare facilities included.