Mobile ATC Towers

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MATC Crash Phone

The Mobile ATC Systems crash phone solution provides a simple solution for providing a basic voice communications hotline between the Air Traffic Control Positions and remote emergency service locations. Voice communications via “red” handsets as standard with options for alarm sounders to trigger emergency responses available.

The core of the system is the TC Communications TC8938 Series Emergency Phone Line bridge that is configured to provide two FXS Master Ports and up to 6 Extension ports that can be used for voice communications or triggering remote alarms.

The systems can be standalone or 19” rack-mounted and are provided with a 230v AC power supply in the rack-mounted frame.

crash phone matc

The Remote Crash Unit is used in conjunction with the TCC Crash phone system within the Mobile Visual Control Room (MVCR), to provide an audible alert to local airfield emergency services in the event of an incident.  When activated, the Crash Unit will activate the two attached sounders for a pre-determined period (Typically 20 seconds), before resetting to its idle state.

remote crash unit

Two types of sounders are provided, one with a maximum 120 dB rating whilst the other is rated at 105 dB. In both cases, the sounder volume is adjustable and can be reduced by up to 20 dB if required.