Quality Policy Statement

Issue 03, 21st October 2020

Mobile ATC Ltd is dedicated to providing customers with products and services which meet or exceed their expectations, and which comply with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard.

This is achieved through a programme of continual improvement, by establishing and reviewing suitable and measurable quality objectives and Key Performance Indicators during regular Management Review meetings.

Risk and opportunity is considered and effectively managed in all areas of the business, together with the needs and expectations of interested parties, and the context of the organisation. Action required to improve performance or enhance relationships will be considered and carefully applied.

The defined scope of the Quality Management System is: Design and manufacture of mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers, modular transportable ATC facilities, visual control rooms, approach control rooms, equipment rooms and medical units (including maintenance, support and training), and supply of associated products, for military and civil applications.

The company is committed to compliance with applicable statutory, regulatory and customer requirements.

The requirements of the documented Quality Management System are mandatory and will be maintained by all who act, in whatever capacity, on behalf of the company.

The Directors of the company accept responsibility for communicating the company’s commitment to quality to all employees, and for ensuring that the Quality Policy is implemented, understood and maintained. All members of staff are made aware of the critical role they play in helping to maintain our very high levels of customer satisfaction.

Mr Colin Chapman
Managing Director