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Completed Modular ATC Tower

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Mobile ATC Systems is pleased to announce that our latest modular ATC tower successfully passed Factory Acceptance Test and was signed off for shipping by our customer. The 8.5m, three-story tower consists of our standard 6-meter (20 ft) VCR mounted on two converted hi-cube containers one of which is converted into air-conditioned office accommodation for the airport staff.

The lowest container provides access points for tower communications and power, as well as transportation storage for the access stairs and installation materials.

Simply equipped with a single operating position for Air Traffic Control, the tower is supplied with a Jotron suite including a pair of VHF transceivers. A JRRC Radio Remote Control, a single Ricochet recorder for ATC Communications, a Planevision ADS-B receiver and display as well as a Wharton GPS Timeserver and clocks. The Fire Officer position is equipped with a TC Communications Crash Telephone bridge supported by remote communications and sounders for the emergency services.

The Modular design of this tower is ideal for medium to long-term deployments for airports but is also transportable as it can be moved by flatbed vehicles for regular deployments if required. If mobility and deployment speed is not an important requirement then this type of solution may be more cost-effective than the MATC fully mobile elevating trailer solution which can be deployed in under 2 hours.