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5th Wheel Elevating Trailer Project

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Mobile ATC has shipped the last of four mobile towers to a customer in the Middle East. The units pictured are 5th wheel based articulated trailers supporting an elevating ATC Visual Control Rooms (VCR).

Each tower has redundant VHF and UHF radios, RF filters, a 3 position VCS with dual GPS Clocks, redundant 48 channel recorders, a Met System, a Morse code ident beacon, and an HF radio.

Our trailers are built to be transported by Hercules and Chinook and are kept as short as possible for transporting in a Hercules transport aircraft but still long enough to fit on a standard tractor unit. Other versions can be towed by hook and eye. Our partner fabrication company builds the cabin and trailer and we integrate all the ATC related communications and VCR systems to customer requirements. This model has a 16 kVA 3 phase generator, two air conditioning units and a 3 phase hydraulic motor for the outrigger and elevation systems. Automatic Mains Failure systems start the generator if the connected mains electricity fails and a UPS provides support to all systems specified by the customer.

The Mobile Air Traffic Control unit can be deployed at three different heights and is fitted with automatic self-levelling enabling deployment to within half a degree of level.

5th Wheel Trailer Mounted Elevating Air Traffic Control Tower