Mobile ATC Towers

The search for a reasonably priced weather station with an ICAO compliant aviation display suitable for a small airfield or temporary use has led MATC to identify a system that consists of a GPS equipped multi-sensor and data logger from a renowned weather sensor company and an aviation display from another. When combined they provide […]
Low Cost ICAO Compliant Weather Station
MATC has a reseller agreement with FEC Heliports and is pleased to be able to offer the HEMS-Star® and MIL-Star® rechargeable battery-powered LED helipad lighting system. Designed for rapid deployment to provide safe and effective marking at designated or ad-hoc helicopter landing areas for both Military and Civil applications. The HEM-Star and MIL-Star systems are […]
Deployable Helipad Lighting System
MATC is proud to be an agent for Becker-Aero Aeronautical Technologies for their Counter Drone System (CDS). Drones are a growing threat to airports, government facilities, military installations, power plants, stadiums and other infrastructure. Inexpensive and easy to manufacture, drones are easy to operate and difficult to detect but can cause an immense loss in […]
Counter Drone System
MATC is proud to be able to offer the Becker-Aero ADS-B solution. Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked. By placing a receiver on our mobile towers, we can present the controller with an accurate […]
ADS-B Solutions
T-Stripe is a retro-fit low energy heating system for the prevention of condensation on glazing that provides a simple to install, cost-effective alternative to the traditional expensive heated glazing units. Because the system can be retrofitted to any type of glazing (Single-pane or Double Glazed) it can be effective in ATC towers where condensation is […]


MATC are a responsive, flexible contractor. They enabled us to support the demands of our end user customer through program reviews, training, and product acceptance events.  At all stages we were kept informed on progress with regular project updates provided for the duration of the contract. MATC displayed excellent programme and risk management procedures throughout which kept this complex project on track.

The motive for purchasing the Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower was to provide all airports in Lithuania with a quick deployment back up ATC capability within SWIM enabled features by using common fibre links that have been installed at all Lithuanian international airports. Mobile ATC Systems were flexible so we (Oro Navigacija) were able to use in house facilities to integrate the MATC Cabin to meet our needs; this has worked very well for us.

Mobile ATC Systems Ltd helped us to carry out a complex shipment requirement from the manufacturer with a professional approach and good communications. Everything was done in a timely manner and there were no issues with the services we received. We would be happy to engage with Mobile ATC for future service needs.

MATC delivered three ORCs to UNICEF for outreach primary healthcare in Eritrea. Colin Chapman delivered end user training in Asmara to the Health Ministry and UNICEF personnel. Geoffrey Acaye, Chief of Child Survival and Development said “Thank you too for being so supportive in this phase of the project. We will certainly reach out to you for any further support whenever required. I am confident that this initial phase will stimulate the interest of the Government and donors to expand further”.